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IGLES™ Ultra Shield Eyewear 2.0


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Who says that staying safe and looking great have to be mutually exclusive?

With the IGLES™, you get all the perks of a reliable pair of high-quality safety goggles coupled with the style statement of a great pair of designer glasses.


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Protect your eyes in style

Our designers have gone all out in making these glasses look like they’re straight out of the latest fashion catalog. With multiple color options, great designs, and an excellent fit, complete eye protection now comes in a stunning package. Get the best of both worlds with these cutting edge IGLES™.


Product Details

  • Color: White / Black / Grey
  • Size: 3.9 x 14 x 15cm
  • Weight: 27.5g
  • Frame Material: TR
  • Gender: Unisex-adult

The lenses are magic

They say that great technology is indistinguishable from magic. With the IGLES™’s lenses, you not only get your prescription, but also a blue light filter for avoiding screen fatigue, UV Ray blocking for healthier eyes, and light responsiveness and an anti-fog coating for better vision.


Wear them anywhere

Designed in a way to provide you with the ultimate versatility in style, the IGLES™ is your go-to pair of glasses no matter where you’re going. Whether it’s an office meeting, a road trip with your friends, or a backyard barbecue with your family on a weekend, sport these glasses anywhere and everywhere.


Don’t trade comfort for safety

With eye shields on the top and side of these glasses, safety is a given. That, however, does not mean they’re uncomfortable! With cutting edge design used in the frames, be assured that your comfort and safety are both top priorities, and you will have to compromise on neither with the IGLES™.


Light and snappy

When you think of protective goggles, your mind immediately conjures up images of bulky chemistry lab eyewear. Well, not anymore. With the IGLES™, you get all the benefits of safety goggles in a strong, light frame that is designed to be used for everyday wear.


Standardized size

The IGLES™ is designed in a way that ensures that you will have no problem with sizing and fitting. So if you’re a square-faced man, an oval-faced woman, or anything in between, sport these glasses with your favorite outfit and you’re ready to go! With IGLES™, one size fits most.




Why protect our eyes?

To keep safe from viral diseases, most people cover their nose and mouth, but often neglect the eyes.

Similar to the nose and mouth, the eyes are also a gateway to contract diseases, and involuntary eye touching occurs over 100 times a day.

How does IGLES™protect my eyes?

Standard glasses don’t keep fingers out from involuntarily touching the eyes, and while goggles do work, they are bulky and uncomfortable.

Standard glasses don’t keep fingers out from involuntarily touching the eyes, and while goggles do work, they are bulky and uncomfortable.

Where can I buy Igles?

IGLES™are not available in stores, and can only be purchased exclusively at wearigles.com, where you’re reading this right now!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we ship to every city in the world through

Will IGLES™fit my face?

IGLES™come in one size fits most, designed to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes. This is achieved through flexible and anatomically formed hinges around the temple.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship our products globally. Regardless of your location, we will get your Satéur™ processed and shipped to you as soon as you order.

Does IGLES™come with prescription lenses?

IGLES™glasses comes in RX-ready design, meaning the frames can fit prescription lenses. You can contact a local eye care professional to change the lenses to RX lenses.

Does IGLES™come with blue light blocking and anti-fog lenses?

Yes, IGLES™ come with additional add on options for blue light filtering, anti-fog coating and impact resistant lenses.

Does IGLES™come with light responsive lenses?

The light responsive lenses are an optional add on, and a great addition to your Igles. You can do so during your product selection phase. These lenses will be clear when worn indoors, and becomes grey sunlight lenses when you’re in the sun. These also come standard with blue light filtering and anti-fog coating.


1157 Reviews

Kathryn M.
These glasses are very comfortable and stylish. I really like it.

Celine P.
I have a big head and these wear very nicely. I usually wear “large” sized glasses and these were a perfect fit for me.

Charmaine E.
They arrived very quickly, in sealed packaging. On my first day of wearing them, they did not fogged up even once! Before ordering these I ordered a cute pink pair and they fogged up so badly. These look great and no fogging! I got so many compliments already!

Vinnie L.
I’ve worn these during my long 12-hour shifts in COVID quarantine areas. No cuts and spaces in between. I’ve got a lot of compliments on the look of these glasses and I’m relaxed wearing them all night.

Gary W.
I work outdoors I’ve tried so many safety glasses, but generally they ‘re all corny looking to wear them all day long. Igles™ is very stylish and Constructed well, it’s got the side security to keep your fingers from your eyes. It’s great!

Dorothy S.
Exactly the glasses that I’m looking for! It fits well and are very lightweight. The lenses are crystal clear and I don’t notice the side pieces in my sight. The earpieces are snug, but not tight. Nose pieces are perfect. Recommended!

Laura H.
Working with children in close proximity and got these for the pandemic to make sure that no respiratory droplets get in my eyes. These glasses don’t fog when I used the N95 and a surgical masks. I highly recommend these because they are stylish and offer protection against the virus.

Diane P.
I ‘m going to have to confess, these are definitely the best (safety) glasses I’ve ever bought. I’m a locomotive engineer, and it’s almost hard not to crack your safety glasses, Man these are very durable!

Michelle K.
These glasses are of high quality. I’ve been wearing safety glasses for the last 15 years, and they’ve been the best I’ve ever owned! Most of the safety glasses are not appealing and look fake. These look and sound like my Ray Ban prescription glasses, though.

Todd K.
These were fantastic! They are lightweight, transparent, very anti-fog, easy to clean, and I feel covered from all angles. In particular, I appreciate the guard at the top of the lenses.

Bernice R.
These are perfect if you want some fashion and some security. They’ve got a barrier on the edge, and they suit perfectly well.

Kimberly M.
This is a really good product. For me and my family, I bought four IGLES™. Strong quality (dropped by mistake and the lenses are still clear). Everyone in my family is very happy (different face sizes and shapes) as it suits well, feels solid and makes you look fine, as if they were normal glasses but with a discreet side and upper corner security. I’m recommending 100% of this stuff.

Donna T.
I’m using it in the healthcare environment. I got a lot of feedback from the friends, and they bought them, too. They are lightweight and good, particularly at a cost. Far better security with side covers. Amazing product!

Robert B.
It’s better than the lab style safety goggles issued by my company. After a week of wearing them, I am very satisfied. Not as much reflection and fogging as previous goggles, it seems snug without being overly tight. Will buy again in the future.

Yvonne G.
These are fantastic, people! You can see through them, they ‘re not going to fog up wearing a mask all day at work. We are wearing them as well as us SLP’s working in the ICU.

Linda Q.
I’m a Pulmonary Therapist, and with the choice of wearing goggles or a face mask for our 12-hour shift. I’m wearing them during my full 12-hour shift, and even during my lunch break, because I forget I’ve got it on. I absolutely recommend them, and I think I’m going to order another pair as a backup.

Jack B.
I love the look of these safety glasses because I’m not a fan of the type cover that seems to saturate the market. I’ve got a really broad head, and these suit me perfectly. They look great too!

Venus C.
I purchased these for a job and they worked well! The glasses have a non-slip coating in the nose and ear regions. These glasses were particularly useful when wearing a surgical mask or N95s.

I really hate wearing glasses, and I’m really awkward. However, these are glasses are soft, and they do not irritate my nose or ears. I feel better wearing these masks to visit the grocery store three times a month.

Empir G.
Fits comfortably, fog proof, doesn’t slide down my nose, amazing all around! It’s a bang for the buck. I’m using them at the hospital for extra protection. Definitely worth the few bucks out of pocket!

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IGLES™ Ultra Shield Eyewear 2.0
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